3 bottles of HEYLIFE Aguas Frescas
Liquid natural vitality from fresh, cold pressed vegetables and fruit

Welcome to HEYLIFE!

We are a Switzerland based, passionate juice maker. We are excited to announce that we have set up shop in the US! We are so happy to share our amazing beverages with our friends in the US. Enjoy ❤︎!

«The groundwork of all happiness is health.»

— Leigh Hunt

Our Mantra

We are all about making healthy nutrition fast, easy and delicious. We are convinced that healthy nutrition has a great effect on physical and mental health! It boosts productivity and concentration, while strengthening the immune system. A busy lifestyle should not be a barrier to provide your body with essential natural food!

All of our beverages are fresh, plant-based, nutrient-rich and absolutely free from any additives. They are made from the best ingredients and help you to live a life rich in energy and health! We hope you love our juices just as much as we do!


We use careful, innovative manufacturing with hydraulic pressing and without any heat pasteurization. In doing so, all precious nutrients and flavors remain in the bottle and the juices just taste sooo fresh!

All of our beverages contain only ingredients fresh from nature – free from any stabilizers, concentrates, artificial flavors or food additives. Simply 100% natural!

Our beverages contain a great amount of vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries, roots and nuts with an especially high concentration of important vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Our Products

Aguas Frescas

In need of a refreshment? Aguas Frescas are our lightest beverages, ready to drink and fit for every occasion.

Whether it is lunch or dinner, a quick drink on the go or during sports, HEYLIFE Aguas Frescas are always a good choice. We’ve taken our fresh, cold pressed fruit and veggies, added some water and superfoods and turned them into a colorful trio of refreshing drinks.

3 bottles of HEYLIFE Aguas Frescas

Coconut Water

Our Coconut Water is incredibly tasty and refreshes you all naturally with its sweet and nutty taste.

We exclusively use young, green and organic Nam-Hom coconuts from Thailand, harvested by hand by local farmers. Why? Because they simply taste the best! HEYLIFE Coconut Water is packed with beneficial antioxidants, a natural source of potassium and it provides you with essential electrolytes. This makes our Coconut Water a 100% natural, low-calorie drink that contributes to good muscle function - perfect after sports!

Bottle of HEYLIFE coconut water

Ready for more? We are!

More of our healthy beverages will be introduced in the US soon!

The HEYLIFE team